What Kind of Headache Do You Suffer From?

What Kind of Headache Do You Suffer From?

Headache means pain that is involved in the head or face. More than 90 percent people experience at least one type of headache. It causes some viral infections, a minor injury to head and hangovers that disables some disorders like migraine and some devastating disorders like haemorrhage headache. There is also three-step approach for headaches. The first step is secondary headache. The second step is assessment of headache frequency and duration. The last step is to identify a specific kind of disorder within the group. Proper medical evaluation should be done and diagnosis tests should also be carried out. You should also consult a doctor if you have any confusing.

Secondary headaches include a long duration of headaches. It can even worsen your case of headache in the first few days of menstrual flow. It can be mainly due to a family disorder. This can be the onset of a secondary headache disorder. The other task that you have is to identify primary headache groups. You can get headache for about 15 or even more days in a month. Short attacks usually last for less than four days on an average while the long attacks lasts for more than four hours. It is characterised by chronic migraine and daily persistent. The most common form of headache is the episodic long duration headaches. It is affecting about 12 % population. It is characterised by fatigue, discomfort in neck, drowsiness and cravings of food. About 60% people are affected by migraine.





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