Magnetic Brain Stimulation Helps Stroke Recovery

Magnetic Brain Stimulation Helps Stroke Recovery

The emergence of the magnetic brain stimulation procedure has given hope to a number of stroke patients and their loved ones.

Magnetic brain stimulation is a non-surgical treatment, which is called TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation. Although it has not been proven 100% effective, the experts find this as a promising advancement in medical technology.

The magnetic brain stimulation still has to undergo some series of research but many are waiting to see how far this can go. Given its cutting-edge features, the experts are expecting that this will dominate the market now that is has been made available commercially.

To test its capability, 10 individuals suffering from stroke were given transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy and the others were given placebo therapy. The former exhibited improvement in terms of response time and those who received placebo therapy did not improve in any way.

This has been made possible because the TMS worked on the damaged part of the brain. The procedure involves placing an electromagnetic coil against the patient's head. The magnetic simulation will then trigger an improved communication between the two opposite parts of the brain. These parts of the brain are responsible in making the opposite parts of the body work. With improved communication between these parts, the affected part of the body will return to its normal condition.

Patients who went through TMS therapy complain about common side effects including headache and light-headedness, the others experience discomforts at the site of stimulation. There are also some who go through tingling and twitching facial muscles after the therapy.


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