Organic Food helps reduce Risk of Cancer

Organic Food helps reduce Risk of Cancer

We have observed that consumptions of organic food has many benefits on our lives but today we will be looking at only one particular health benefit. Over the last decades in US, there has been a rise in cancer. Most of the pesticides used during the growth process are listed in the EPA as probable or possible cause of cancer. We are all responsible for our own health and we need to consider how our diets impact our health.
Increasing the intake of antioxidants in our diet can help reduce the risks of cancer significantly. This is a well-known and an established fact and is not new. Many studies conducted by National Cancer Institute support this fact. From these studies it is learnt that antioxidants slows and in some cases it is also believed to have prevented the development of cancer as well. So, one of the major benefits of organic foods is higher antioxidants level.
Not only do organic foods benefit us but it also benefits the environment. Since organic farmers don't use chemicals, hormones to enhance the growth of animals, there is no way for these kind of chemicals to enter the water supply through animal excretes.
While the exact effect of these harmful chemicals on humans is understudied, it has to be one of the major reasons related to most of the health problems today. Since organically grown livestock, vegetables and fruits don't have any of these chemicals, we need to worry about them harming our health.
Even though it is evident that organic food reduces cancer risks through higher antioxidant levels, it is always encouraged you to try it and see the changes you get in your life.





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