10 Organic and Natural Sunscreens

10 Organic and Natural Sunscreens

Summer is probably the most awaited season of the year. The warm weather is just perfect for you to take on outdoor activities. It's the time of the year when you can stay out for as long as you like. You hit the beach with your bikini, taking advantage of your opportunity to put on display your figure and your flawless skin.

But you know very well that exposing your skin to the heat of the sun will make it unhealthy. You can also get serious skin diseases with excessive sun exposure. Redness, itchiness, discoloration, dryness and many other undesirable conditions may happen to your skin without taking safety measures. The best you can do in order not to ruin your summer fun is to apply sunscreens.

The market offers a number of sunscreen brands but it is strongly recommended that you go for organic and natural sunscreens. The following items are some of natural sunscreens available today which are believed to have the most favourable effects on the skin.

  1. Goddess Garden Natural Sunscreen
  2. Purple Prairie SunStuff Natural Sunscreen
  3. Nature's Gate Mineral Sportblock
  4. Solbar Zinc Sun Protection Cream
  5. Caribbean Solutions SolGuard Biodegradable Sunscreen
  6. Jason Mineral Sunblock
  7. Loving Naturals Sunscreen
  8. Vanicream Sunscreen for Sensitive Skin
  9. Aubrey Organics Natural Sun Saving Face Sunscreen
  10. Earth's Best Mineral Sunblock

These are all organic and natural sunscreen products which are not likely to cause negative side effects on your skin because they are free from chemical substances. Keep in mind that the effects of the products differ from person to person. It is advised to read product reviews first or consult a skin doctor before you decide which among these products you will use.


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