What is so special about organic seed ?

What is so special about organic seed ?

You may not hear in every day conversation that people will recommend you or even talk about the organic seed, but if you are talking to organic farmers, you should know that they will definitely support them.

The goal for all those seed producers and plant breeders is to develop crop varieties that are adapted to organic production systems.

The good thing about the performance in organic system is that they include insect pest and disease resistance and they are very adaptable to and tolerable when it comes to environmental stresses and tolerance to climatic changes.

We all know that resistance to disease and insects is very important for all crops, but it is especially important to organic systems.
It is really important to adapt crops to a particular climate, because that is what organic farmers have been doing to the crops long time ago, they've tried to " domesticate " them.

A lot of organic farms in different regions tend to be smaller, and the location of many organic farms is not central to the large-scale production areas.
If you are taking a good care of your organic farms, it is possible to breed genetically diverse varieties, and they will become adaptable to the environmental variables and cultural practices of organic farming.

The most important thing is to adapt the crops to a certain cropping system and particular climate.
Organic farmers were doing the same thing before, and that is how they have managed to domesticate them.



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