The Truth about Organic Food

The Truth about Organic Food


The organic craze has taken hold in the country and many companies including grocery stores and food producers are cashing in on the term “organic”. The organic labels can be found on just about anything from fruits and vegetables to grains and rice, cereals, cooking and baking ingredients and others. What is organic? Aren’t fruits and vegetables already organic in nature?

The answer lies in not what the food product is, but how it is grown, farmed and generally produced for public consumption. Organic means that the farmers and manufactures of the food product use more natural forms of farming. Foregoing traditional methods such as using pesticides, chemical fertilizers and using other more natural forms to help preserve soils and the natural composition of food.

What does this mean for the consumers? While it hasn’t been proven that organic food is healthier than the more traditional grown food, a person may choose to buy organic to help eliminate said chemicals and pesticides from their diet. Another determining factor is that the person may want to help the companies they buy from keep the organic nature to the soil and farm lands.

The environmental movement has moved into the kitchen. If the resources are available to the consumer, the option to live more organic lives is widely available.



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