Organic Pesticides

Organic Pesticides

Pesticides are more often chemical sprays that are used extensively in farming systems,pesticides actually means anything that will kill any pest,this “pest” could be anything that effect crop or any plant at fatal level.

One of the basic effect of these chemical sprays is that they kill pest but wait! They are indirectly killing many people across the glode by their poisonous residues that cling to fruit and vegetables regardless of all efforts of cleaning.

To avoid the alarming situation organic pesticides have been famous enough from last few decades.
By the word organic we mean anything that is derived from all natural resources free from any synthetic elements,but unfortunately these natural or non chemical methods does not give give enough protection against pests,for this process is long,pesticides need to be applied in more or less quantities
Common organic pesticides include Rotenone and pyrethrin ,almost 7 applications of rotenone are considered environmental friendly,ecologically viable and economically feasible with no poisonous effects.

However there are few organic pesticides,that are not clearly known for their environmental effects,a few having the “use with caution” warnings make it all unclear.

Ultimate solution this confusion is to use organic pesticides that are laboratory tested showing analytical results on its label.


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