How safe are organic foods

How safe are organic foods

With the increasing awareness, organic foods can now be commonly seen on the aisles of supermarkets. However, with so many food products claiming to be organic, it is more of a conundrum to understand the difference between the regular food and organic food. Moreover, this raises a question about how safe organically produced foods are. 

Organic food is regular food products that are grown by farmers by following organic farming practices. These practices are meant to promote healthy soil, reduced pollution, no use of pesticides and even water conservation. Because the produce is farmed in an extremely healthy environment, the organic food has a very healthy and positive effect on our health. 

If you want to find out if the food you see on the aisles of supermarkets is organic or not, you simply need to check for USDA certified label. The U.S Department of Agriculture determines that the produce is organic and safe for consumption. 




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