The rising concerns about the Rising Costs of treatment of Cancer

The rising concerns about the Rising Costs of treatment of Cancer

The amount of money that is spent on the prescription drugs have increased a lot and it has been found cancer drugs to be responsible for a huge jump in the prices. According to a report, the Americans on the prescriptions in 2014 spent about $374 billion. There has been 9 percent rise in the amount spent in the oncology drugs and this amount to $ 32.6 billion. About $11.1 billion was used on the supportive care treatments that were due to the strong effects of the chemotherapy drugs. 

Cancer drugs are used most widely as they are prescribed in huge numbers. The oncology medication was most used in other class of drugs according to a report by the IMS. Cancer drugs have become extremely expensive. The expense of these drugs is not restricted by the cancer doctors and this also restricts its access to the patients. The doctors are planning to take some access to the cancer therapies that can be found free. The American Society of Clinical Oncology also includes 35,000 cancer professionals and assigns a huge task to the patients for assessing the value of drug options. 

According to the ASCO, the new approved cancer drugs cost about an average of $ 10,000 per month and if therapy has been performed costs about $30,000. An average increase of new drug has been cost per month of the new  drugs has been estimated to be about $ 4,500. 



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