Some facts about obesity

Some facts about obesity

Obesity seems to be the most common disease of this century. We do not realize how dangerous it can be and we continue to see it as something normal and acceptable. Studies have determined the majority of the children in U.S are overweight, and a great number will suffer from obesity in adulthood. Apparently, it is easy to prevent this disease, but this does not change the number of patients that develop this disease every year.

  • 44% of diabetic patients are also obese. Diabetes is one of the most common and serious diseases. The number of people having diabetes is increasing daily. Processed food is one of the main causes of this world-wide condition. If people continue to develop diabetes at the same rate, by 2030 almost half the population of U.S will have this disease.
  • A patient with obesity spends approximately $2,740 more than the average person for health care every year. This disease will affect the patient not only physically, but also socially and financially.
  • Only 4% of elementary schools in the U.S offer sports or physical activity classes. This lack of exercise puts children in danger and they are more likely to become obese in their teenage years. To prevent this, they need healthy food and an active way of life.
  • Today, we consume almost double the calories we used to consume 40 years ago. Since our body does not need this enormous calorie intake, our metabolism cannot process the food in a healthy way. The result? Weight gain.
  • Low-income citizens have a greater risk of becoming obese. Healthy food is more expensive than processed foods. Gym memberships are beyond their budget. Without government support, lower income people find it extremely difficult to lead a normal, healthy life.


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