Myths about pregnancy

Myths about pregnancy

When you are pregnant with your firstborn you will always hear older women or women who already had more than one child telling you different stories and myths.
They will try to tell you what you can or cannot do, and we do think that occasionally you should listen to them, but remember, it is your baby and you are pregnant, not them, so you are the one who should make the final decision.

Just to warn you we will give you some examples of different myths that others are trying to tell you. 
Some people are absolutely convinced that if you see on ultrasound that baby’s pulse is less than 150 that it is going to be a boy.
It is completely stupid, because no one has ever proven that this information is accurate or reliable, so do not take this seriously.
Older women tend to say that if a woman wears makeup during her pregnancy that it will harm her baby.

It is a complete nonsense. You can do your makeup without any problem because makeup doesn’t go to your bloodstream, so it will not affect your baby.
Of course we think that every woman who is pregnant is beautiful without makeup, because when women are in that condition they always shine and look gorgeous.
Very important thing- Do not be on diet while you are pregnant. That doesn’t mean that you should eat junk food all the time, but you don’t have to worry about that every second during your pregnancy.





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