Parents of kids affected with ASD warned from taking intake of dietary supplements

Parents of kids affected with ASD warned from taking intake of dietary supplements

Most of the children who suffer from autistic spectrum disorder are picky eaters so their parents usually use supplements to provide them necessary proteins. A study conducted to monitor the eating habits of the kids concluded that children affected with autistic spectrum disorder need micronutrients that are found in the supplements. 

The result of a research in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics shows that about 56% children use supplements like multivitamins and mineral formulation. Most of the deficiency of micronutrients like vitamin D, calcium, potassium and many others are not corrected by these supplements also. It has been found that almost a third child is found deficient of vitamin D and 50 % children lack calcium. 

This is not the only problem, there can also be reverse of problem. There can be excess intake of vitamins due to the intake of supplements. The use of supplements and gluten diet was linked with a higher intake of supplements. A dietitian revealed the 3 days record and stated the amount of food, beverages and supplements consumed by all these children. 
It was said that about 56% children affected with ASD took supplements on daily basis. It was also found that the micronutrients used in food are also found in multivitamins consumed by people. If insufficient amount of micronutrients is consumed by a person then he is more likely to consume supplements to compensate the deficiency of micronutrients. 


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