How to boost your metabolism?

How to boost your metabolism?

Body metabolism works in lot many ways for all of us and can help if right measures for a healthy metabolic system are taken. Some people try to lose weight and still see no results even after heavy exercises, all you need to pay heed to check your metabolism and opt for methods that can help you boost it. Here are some of the best proven methods that can help you boost your immune system.
1.    Green tea can make all the difference
When it comes to natural substance that can boost your metabolism, green tea stands first. It has antioxidant called catechins and caffeine that have been shown to help boost metabolism and trigger increased fat burning and overall health. Taking about 5 cups a day can reduce the risk of chronic disease including heart diseases. 
2.    Drink more water
Water has been shown to affect metabolism very positively. A study found that drinking two cups of water increased calorie burning by 30% within 10 min. and the effect sustained for more than an hour. Studies suggest that one should take water according to their weight and in a month they can help their metabolism increased further resulting in healthy body.
3.    Prefer whole food over processed food
Sticking to food as close as their natural state can help you reduce weight and increased metabolism up to 50%.
A lot many other points such as eating more pulses, pre-exercise coffee intake etc. can always help you boost your metabolism.




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