What foods make you retain water?

What foods make you retain water?

Do you ever wonder why all your workouts seem to have little or no effect on a layer of belly flab? Have you considered that this flab may just be water and not excess fat? Yes, it's more likely fluid retention caused by certain foods you eat regularly. We will focus on the foods that make you retain water. Remember to consult your doctor if you find losing weight hard.


Salt is very important to regulate blood pressure and balance fluid in your body. However, you only need a small quantity of salt daily. The problem is when you consume a lot of salt, your body retains water. This causes fluid retention and the uncomfortable weight gain. Season your food with herbs instead of salt or use spices such as ginger, garlic, vinegar, lemon. It not only enhances the taste but will also add flavor - without the addition of salt.

Processed Food

Deli meat, canned food, frozen meals, food mixes, sauces, salad dressings, and even Chinese food are known to carry high doses of sodium. The sodium comes from the chemicals added such as MSG or baking soda. A frozen pizza, for example, will have 500-1000+ mg of sodium. Use fresh meat in your diet and snack on fruit and veggies instead of packaged chips.


Carbs found in your bread, rice, pasta and even milk, makes your body retain water. However, there is no cause for much concern as this water does not cause swelling in your body. It is stored in the form of energy in your muscles and organs. Therefore, fruit, vegetables, and whole grains that have carbs should be added to our daily food diet.

Drink more water to reduce retention as the excess water helps drain the water through excretion.


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