Best Food For The Body

Best Food For The Body

Think  of  the  food  of  your  choice that  are  tasty, healthy  and   nutritious,  they  will  let  you  maintain  your  body  weight, improve  your  mood  towards  food  and  reduce  the  risk  of  infection  by  fighting  diseases.  

The greatest  and  the  best  food  for  your  diet  may  appear  so  much  complicated  and  fancy,  but  to  say,  they  are  all  build  on  foundation  of  some  basic  principles  and  the  simple  foods  that  we  tend  to  ignore.  Eat  the  right  food  and  the  body  itself  has  the  mechanisms  to  respond  accordingly.

The top foods  that  are  considered   to  be  of  great  health   values  to  you  are;
1. Lemon.
Lemon   contains vitamin  C, which  increases  the HDL cholesterol and  strengthen the  bone.  While  added  to  tea boosts  the  body  ability  to  absorb antioxidants  in  tea, Citrus  flavonoid  in  lemon inhibits  growth  of  cancer  cells  as  an  anti- inflammatory. 
2. Apples.
This is  also  the  source  of  antioxidants  that  combats free  radicals,  which are  generated  by  the  body  hence  causing undesirable  changes  and  are  involved  in  the  aging  and  some  diseases.  At  old  age, women  who  takes  apple  daily  have  a drop of  bad  cholesterol  and  an  increase  in the  levels  of  good  cholesterol  in  6  months.
3. Almonds.
This are  nutrients  rich, including  vitamin E, fiber, magnesium, calcium, iron  and  riboflavin.  As  a food  they  also  maintain  healthy  cholesterol  levels  like  apples.
4. Broccoli.
They  contain and  supply us  with  the  on a daily basis vitamin K we  require  upon the  intake  and  almost  200%  of recommended dose  of vitamin C,  this  two  are  highly  fundamental bone  strengthening  nutrients.


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