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Magnetic Brain Stimulation Helps Stroke Recovery

The emergence of the magnetic brain stimulation procedure has given hope to a number of stroke patients and their loved ones. Magnetic brain stimulation is a non-surgical treatment, which is called TMS or transcranial magnetic stimulation. Although it has not been proven 100% effective, the experts…

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Anxiety and Depression Relieving Exercises

Anxiety and depression, if left unchecked, can overwhelm a person and can cause physical and long-lasting emotional problems. Severe anxiety disorder should be monitored and treated by a professional. Mild anxiety and depression can be overcome by simple exercises. Exercise is a powerful tool which…

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Health Risks of Marijuana

Marijuana is also known as Cannabis. It is grown hydroponically in almost every country in the world. It is a green, leafy structure and when dried, it is consumed primarily by smoking. It is an illegal drug that has historically been consumed by young adults as a recreational drug. Using marijuana…

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Guevedoce, a condition that is not well-known

Where have you heard that genitals of females spontaneously change to male genitals at puberty? Although this condition is quite rare in the world, it is a very familiar condition in the Dominican Republic where it affects almost 1 in 50 children and is often celebrated as a momentous occasion.…

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Selecting A Career In The Healthcare Industry

Today’s youths have large numbers of career options. They are free to choose from any career that they want based on their interests and skills. The healthcare industry has provided lots of scopes and opportunities to individuals interested in selecting a great career. Health industry is not…

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Get to know more about Ischemic Stroke

The U.S. Stroke Center can also describe all the basics of ischemic stroke. It can also be called brain attack. The brain can also lose constant flow of blood that needs energy and doesn’t always work properly. Its functions get altered depending on the part of brain that is affected. Some of…

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What Kind of Headache Do You Suffer From?

Headache means pain that is involved in the head or face. More than 90 percent people experience at least one type of headache. It causes some viral infections, a minor injury to head and hangovers that disables some disorders like migraine and some devastating disorders like haemorrhage headache.…

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Anti-Allergic Medicines Are The Best Way Out Of Coughs And Sneezes Resulting From A Dust-Allergy

Those with an allergy to dust or other pollen are found to be sneezing or coughing with the discomfort all round the clock or as long as they are in contact with the allergen. It is certainly not comfortable or pleasant when one suffers from dust allergy. If you happen to be allergic to dust or any…


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Eat green for a better you

Going green at home or office is a good choice, but going green for our eating habits is a better choice. It is a no brainer that the choices we made for food, directly affect our environment. Whether you are buying from a farmers market, or growing food in your own backyard – you are actually…

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Harmful Effects of Triglycerides

Triglycerides, also known as lipids, are a common type of fat found in the blood. They enter the bloodstream either through consumption of fatty foods, excessive carbohydrates, calories, or simple sugars, or through the body releasing its fat stores. In normal levels, triglycerides are fundamental…